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Love going to Dr. Meylor. He's very attentive to my chiropractic needs. He's wonderful with my children too. He helped my very colicky daughter when she was a baby. Thank you Doctor Meylor for all that you do for our family!


Dr. Meylor and his staff are very warm and welcoming! I have gone routinely throughout the majority of my pregnancy and it has made a world of difference! Dr. Meylor is very intune to his patients needs and goes above and beyond to make every visit count. Not only is everyone friendly with me, they are so unbelievably kind and sweet to my young daughter. I wish I could give more than 5 stars to Meylor Family Chiropractic! My family will continue to visit regularly for many years to come!


I cannot recommend Dr. Meylor enough! I think I tell anyone with an ache or pain about him and strongly encourage them to see him.
I used to not believe in seeing a chiropractor because of prior bad experience. From start to finish it's worth every bit! His staff is super friendly, the wait is never long, and Dr Meylor himself has an excellent bedside manner.
Please, if you are ever considering seeing a chiropractor give him a chance! You will not be disappointed.


Dr. Meylor is truly passionate about creating a better quality of life for his patients. He goes above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the best care. I would HIGHLY recommend Meylor Family Chiropractic.


I have been to a few different Chiropractor's the Dr Meylor is by far the best! I found his office just by the fact that it was close to my work, I called and they got my in the same day! His staff are always super nice and very helpful. I have recommended this office to my friends and family and I will continue to do so.


I can't say enough great things about Meylor Chiropractic. I pinched a nerve a few weeks ago. They day the injury occurred the first call I made was to Dr. Meylor. He squeezed me in to get adjusted and helped me manage my pain almost every day for about a week and a half using many different techniques. He helped me get to 100% much faster and easier than I ever would have guessed was possible. Your wonderful expertise and services are very much appreciated. Thanks.


I 100% thought chiropracty was bull... I went into this thinking that my friends suggestion for my hip and back pain would do nothing and I could say told you so. Much to my surprise when my stabbing pain in my hip that my ob told me was the baby on my siatic (sp?) nerve has been DRAMATICLY reduced within the first visit and suddenly I wasn't dying of pain trying to get out of bed most of my pain coming from my hip being so far out of alignment. My back was the best its felt since... well forever, my posture improved.. everything.. I was wrong this place is amazing and worked a miracle on me and this all within the first week. I would recommend this place for any pregnancy pain and will continue to visit. The staff is WONDERFUL and very kind, I have to bring my son in with me and they are also very patient with him interupting and asking questions. I would recommend this chiropractor to anyone and honestly am so astounded at how much this has worked for me. 5/5 stars!


Dr. Meylor is great with athletes. I send my athletes to him to help them with mobility and help keep them injury free. Whether you're an athlete or regular Joe chiropractic is my first recommendation towards healing (everything) and maintaining an injury free lifestyle. Go see Dr. Meylor. 


Dr. Meylor and staff are amazing! Always extremely kind, as well as patient. My two boys look forward to their adjustments, they have helped tremendously with my first sons migraines and my younger sons ear infections. Being able to avoid tubes and other medications has been a relief. Thank you for the amazing work that you do!